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Model rail retailors/stockists

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Hi everyone,
I am planning a trip to Hungary and was wondering whether there were any good HO stockists over there. I plan on getting HO stuff there as anyone in France who has a layout or similar is in HO, but French modeling standards aren't wonderful around here (the nearest proper dealer I know of is over 4 hours drive away). I'm also going via Austria and I know that quite a few excellent models have been produced or based on Eastern european locos.
Thanks in advance,
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You didn't say where in Hungary but this is for Budapest and there may be others.
I found Modell Makett at 51 Erzsebet Korut which is right off Andrassy Ut if you are looking away from the Danube. It was bit of a disappointment as it was quite small but it may depend on your interests. He didn't speak a word of english either. If you are interested there is a highly recommended Railway Park which I didn't get to visit so it's my excuse to go back.
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