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model steam loco

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Im more into building model boats than engines,but at e recent model engineering show i attended,I was asked by a friend`s son if I could build a model of the 10 wheeler steam loco used in the old TV show `Casey Jones`.
The `Cannonball Express`,looks like a Baldwin 10 wheeler loco,with the bulbous stack. I was wondering if anyone on here could advise me of where i could get plans for this type of engine,or give me any details of the class of loco.
On investigation,I now know that Casey Jones was actually John `Casey Jones` Luther,who was a real life enginner on I believe the Illinois railroad circa 1880.
Presumably then the `Cannonball` was based on a real train.
Many thanks to anyone who can help with info or availability of plans for a 4-6-0 loco of this type..
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Rivarossi [AHM] actually made models of this engine, both in HO and O gauge....
If it can be found, the author that went under the name of LBSC[r] produced a marvellous book on live steam, specifically about his design known as ''Titch''.

this is/was an 0-4-0 tank live steam, passenger hauling...but despite that, the author covered all concievable aspects of locomotive construction..I learnt all I know about Walschearts valve gear and how it works, from his description.

Hardly the Flying Scotsman, but a heck of a lot more achievable??
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