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Hi there,

I to have a partially completed 'Titch'. I cut and drilled everything so far with hand-tools. I used the hardback book about 'Titch' written by LBSC (London, Brighton & South Coast, I believe ) Very clear instructions on what to use, what tools to buy as you go and what castings you can buy ready cast.
The only castings I don't have are the cylinders, but I believe they are still obtainable. I might finish this one day... If I knew how to clean up the brazing that someone else did for me. The plates and buffer beams are dead square, but the brazing is a mess!

I usually concentrate on woodwork, but lately I have got myself into making smaller woodwork tools, like bradawls, metal try-squares and marking knives. Posh ones of course!

I hope to learn a bit from this forum and if I can assist anyone in the woodwork department I am only too happy to answer any ???'s . If I don't know, I probably know someone who does!

Thanks folks.

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