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"Model Train Set" may have caused a fire?

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I have just come across a report about a garden shed fire in Kent. The Fire Service said that there was "A model train set in the shed and a workshop and we believe the fire started due to an electrical fault." They went on to urge householders to employ qualified electricians to carry out electrical wiring, so I assume the fault was in the mains wiring, not the 'train set' !
Full details at
John Webb
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QUOTE PS that Kent online link. The news is full of hangings, murders, shootings, drugs and kerb crawling! I didn't think the area around Margate was like that!

Perhaps it's a slow news day with only a few muggings to report otherwise!

Regarding this nannying at exhibitions - who cares about 12V and loose wires, and more importantly who comes round to make a snap inspection?! If I were organising an exhibition I would take the very greatest of pleasure in not bothering will all this rubbish and damn the law, if it applies of course to 12V model railways!!

Discrete rebellion and non-compliance is the solution in my opinion. What is wrong with a bit of risk? Life is/would be so boring without it. Why is not possible to hire a venue and deliberately decide not to offer insurance/health and safety cover etc. in the event of the model trains causing injury by a child being electrocuted by 12V (haha not likely) or a clumsy person straying out of bounds and tripping over a wire - and - have large signs saying "BEWARE OF 12V TRACKS AND TRAILING WIRES - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK"? After all if a carpark can choose not to provide compensation for damage to a car parked there why can we not have the same at exhibitions?

Goedel, who is off to microwave the dog dry...
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QUOTE (alastairq @ 6 Oct 2007, 18:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>sadly it is this very attitude which results in too many deaths, serious injuries.....and more importantly from an exhibition organiser's viewpoint, seriously massive litigation, in the event of an accident.

Health & Safety [legislation] came about BECAUSE of the cavalier attitude towards BASIC safety proceedures, on the part of employers, employees, organisers, and those generally responsible.
Haha I think you got the wrong end of the stick there! I was not advocating cavalier behaviour of any kind but merely common-sense - i.e. not going overboard with uneccessary certification of 12V model railways etc. which Gary was talking about.

And it is the same old nonsense the Health and Safety Fascists wheel out to face any objection on the grounds of practicality, common sense or a personal obligation to society (today a bizarre concept) - namely that those who complain are clearly in favour of children up chimneys, dodging wiring and legionnaires disease in air conditioning etc. which is of course NONSENSE.

This is just like the PC Fascists who scream 'racist' or 'homophobe' or 'fascist' (oh the irony!) at anyone who dares to question just what a 'Democratic Support Officer' (do they help infirm people put their vote paper into a ballot box?) of the council does, or a 'Social Cohesion Officer' (glueing Muslims and Christians together despite the headlines from the Middle East perhaps?) is for? It couldn't possibly be a case of a Labour government creating a client class of voters who depend on Labour for their non-jobs at the expense of the fools still in private employ?

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QUOTE (alastairq @ 6 Oct 2007, 19:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>sadly, health and safety issues arise because of a LACK of thought ....a LACK of common sense.
I agree exactly with this, but this is unrelated to the ridiculous H & S regulations which do in fact work against common sense and sensible thought through the ridiculous ways they are implemented. Health and safety issues are completely mis-addressed by the health and safety legislation!

QUOTE Besides, I understand fascism to be a distinctly right-wing political view?
No no no. Fascist as in thought processes! In their heads these people do not tollerate others having different views but label them as child-slavery fans or dodgy-wiring enthusiasts or racist or homophobic etc. and demonise them. This is mental fascism!! It is not a question of political left and right but of thought process.

QUOTE Health and Safety legislation came about from distinctly SOCIALIST (ie reds under beds, etc) political pressures.
Exactly, this is what I said! So all the non-job holders of either H&S or PC origin vote Labour to perpetuate their non-jobs, to the cost of everyone else...

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