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"Model Train Set" may have caused a fire?

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I have just come across a report about a garden shed fire in Kent. The Fire Service said that there was "A model train set in the shed and a workshop and we believe the fire started due to an electrical fault." They went on to urge householders to employ qualified electricians to carry out electrical wiring, so I assume the fault was in the mains wiring, not the 'train set' !
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John Webb
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QUOTE Gary: Certification is actaully the case right now as far as club layouts go if clubs wish to attend exibitions. No certificate and sorry we cannot let you put your plug in Mr Clubperson.

I presume this covers the mains (high voltage) side of the system. It seems reasonable to me that exhibition organisers should insist that all connections to the mains - plugs, cables, transformers etc - are properly wired, correctly fused and in good condition. Mains electricity must be treated with respect.

QUOTE the trouble with common sense is,
... that it is rather badly named as it so often seems to be less than common, or perhaps the term is confused with 20:20 hindsight?

I don't suppose it was the aerosol propellant? My understanding is that Butane replaced those nasty Ozone depleting CFCs. If it was Butane, Gary is lucky he didn't end up with a flame thrower.

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