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"Model Train Set" may have caused a fire?

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I have just come across a report about a garden shed fire in Kent. The Fire Service said that there was "A model train set in the shed and a workshop and we believe the fire started due to an electrical fault." They went on to urge householders to employ qualified electricians to carry out electrical wiring, so I assume the fault was in the mains wiring, not the 'train set' !
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John Webb
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One thing that doesn't seem to have been mentioned yet is the insurance aspect of faulty wiring. When I set up my garage for my layout I got a professional in so I could get the wiring *(of the garage) certified when I could easily have got my father in law to do it far more cheaply. The reason being that I work in insurance industry reviewing complaints and every day on my desk I see loads of knocked back claims because people didn't go to the trouble of getting a professional to do the job. The reason Warley will be checking layouts is because their insurance may well be conditional upon that. If you do not have a valid certificate for your wiring you may well find any claim for an incident such as this would be rejected due to exclusions for faulty workmanship or the like.
QUOTE The Triang Princess is now a very smooth runner so being engulfed in flames did the trick!

I think I might stick with oil.
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QUOTE (Edwin @ 10 Oct 2007, 18:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Does it work better than glue then?
Depends what type of oil you use!
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