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QUOTE (dwb @ 27 Aug 2007, 21:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You're right; I have tried it. It may be that the best solution is a new set of pickups. In the meantime I shall perservere and from time to time try new remedies.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi David
I have had the same problem . I pulled the pick-ups out of the slot in the chassis under frame ( wheel retainer thing) straightened the pickups( but with a slight bend towards the wheel rims) and replaced them with great care - the tips must be in firm contact with the rear of the driving wheel tyres. If they are slightly out of line the tips can be bent into the wheel spokes as soon as the loco moves and seize up- then you will have to start again!
The more times this happens the worse the dents and disstortions in the pick-ups become - then you will definately need new ones
Mine is OK now hope it works for you. Regards Tony (10001)
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