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for a real feel of the old Great Central, I don't think you can beat digging out old RM articles, or books, on that famous model railway, ''Buckingham, Great Central'', by The Rev. Peter Denny?

I recall as a younger modeller being 'captivated' by the atmosphere and simplicity of P.Denny's articles on his ''Leighton Buzzard, for Linslade' station.

this was the 'branch' terminus from Buckingham.......a real ''shelf layout''...or 'plank' as they are referred to these days.

simply consisting of a 'run-round' loop, one side of which was the station platform.......if I recall rightly, all on a slight curve, bending ' towards' the platform, or a convex curve away from the viewer....

the sidings really only consisted of spurs off each end of the loop...I THINK! one was a loco shed...towards the buffers end of the loop?...but memory is digging deep there, as I no longer have the relevant RM to hand.

so, effectively, 4 points for the whole station, arranged as two opposing crossovers!

I think the whole board lenght was no more than about 5 feet or so??

by about a foot wide?

all made all the more atmospheric by Denny's attention to GC detail..yet not 'superdetailed?'

stock added to the feel too...coaches being largely 6 wheelers, maybe some fours as well......the secret behind a small layout being...small stock?

3 or 4 six wheelers, or a four wheeler as well, appearing to supply longer trains than a couple of bogie coaches?

this being a secret of 'less is more?'

something the post war [2] era struggles to provide?
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