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QUOTE (iankemp @ 8 Sep 2007, 11:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hey all

i am gonna try and do some work on my railway today as i have nearly done my college homework so have decided i am gonna do some work on that. Next weekend, I may go over to B&Q to get some more MDF for some more boards and some more 2x1 lengths of wood for frame work.. I have been starting to buy more peco streamline 3ft lengths of track. has anyone seen them cheaper cos i have paid 2.35 each for them. I know you can buy a box of 25 for something like 60 quid. so if any of you know where i can get them cheaper please let me know.

My local model shop sell flexi track at £1.95 per lenght
The shop is located in Ilkeston and called Malc's models and he does mail order
they also have a website
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