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Modeling the GCR

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I am currently building the GCR as it was with a few later editions to it.

Please see below for pictures of my work and let me know what you think!!!

Thanks for looking at this.
Please could you leave a reply.

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Yep put me down as a lurker, I also am building a high level that is GCR south of Woodford to go with my Central Lines Committee lower/main level, got about half way round so far, am stopped for wiring pouints and final fix on the lower level where unusually for me I am racked with indecision.

Anyway nice to have you back in the land of model rail so I will watch progress.

-it's still 19/5/1962
A bit of the GC in Scotland can only benefit the culture of the place, the Highland started at Stanley Junction just north of Perth, you have a view of the West Highland (North British) which went to Fort William and Mallaig, after the landslip between Callander and Crianlarich the Caledonian line to Oban was connected to the West Highland and now also passes in front of your dwelling.

On Tuesdays it was possible to go by boat from Oban to Fort William, worth a trip esp as you have no advice to listen to from those who know best!

PS in Scotland never drink before 12 noon or you will need to be pumped out!

Happy memories for me of times past!
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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