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I can't suggest any websites not already mentioned, but for an idea of stock:


DRS have a couple of bases on the west coast, so anything from classes 20, 37, 57 and 66 could appear, maybe even a Deltic soon!!


Largely classes 60, 66, 67, but there are a couple of 37s running out of Warrington at the moment and they do have some 59s, but where they tend to operate I don't know.


Freightliner have classes 66, 86 and 90 at the moment, but it wasn't that long ago that the DRS 57s were Freightliner 57s.

Virgin West Coast:

Virgins main fleet is 390 EMUs, but they use class 57s for 'thunderbird' duties and have some 221 DEMUs too.

First Transpennine Express:

FTPE operate a single class of unit now, the 185s, but they operate to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Blackpool and the Lake district from Manchester (joining the WCML at Preston). Before the last franchise change the Glasgow/Edinburgh trains were run by Cross Country.

Cross Country:

Cross Country no longer operate north of Manchester on the west coast, but have a fleet of 220 and 221 'Voyager' units along with some 170 'Turbostars' around Birmingham and Nuneaton.

Network Rail:

Network Rail tend to use 31s or 37s (they have four registered as class 97 (301-304)) for their work, sometimes they hire DRS 37s, and have two class 86s out and about.

London Midland:

LM have 350 EMUs running as far north as Liverpool.

West Coast Railway:

WCR are based in the north west and use a variety of locos from classes 33, 37, 47, 57 (57601 only).

Other trains:

WCR, DRS and EWS are usually involved in the charter train market, but a range of preserved steam locos and other diesel classes can be seen.

I may have forgotten a few details, but I'm sure this is a good start.

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QUOTE (Edwin @ 9 Jan 2009, 18:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.... and Northern run the same units on the electrified routes southwards from Manchester....

I'd forgotten about Northern, bizarre really, considering I work for them!!

Northern run class 142, 150 and 156 DMUs on and around the West Coast Mainline, as far north as Lancaster (they can be seen at Carlisle, but they go round the coast, or across from Newcastle, to get there).
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