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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 7 Jan 2009, 17:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Don't forget for HS1 there are Eurostars and errrr........................Eurostars.

Well at least until the Javelins appear.


True, although HS1 was built to accommodate high-speed freight between Dagenham and Cheriton. Transfesa (who run the blue Ford parts trains) have said they would like to "look at being one of the first freight trains to run on the new route" (Joe J. Pickers, Forum, Modern Railways, Dec 08). So there's some variety, especially if you were to model a part of HS1 that's close to the 'classic' network.

Also, Tom was saying "WCML and/or HS1", and HS1 traffic can link to the west coast via Camden Road and Primrose Hill. That opens up all sorts of possibilities. In fact, seeing as we all tend to model the present day or various incarnations of the past (real and imagined), a near future or speculative layout could be really interesting. How's about pretending Nightstar had got off the ground?

I'll get back in me box now


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