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As many of you know i really enjoy building coach kits and a good portion of the inspiration for that has come over the last couple of years from David jenkinsons books. I was never fortunate enough to meet the man as he died long before i made a switch away from RTR. I am in the process of drawing etching artwork for some LMS stock for myself and yesterday i was handed a bunch of drawings to assist in this. i really didnt think about them at the time i just stuffed them into my transport box and thought i would look at them later. I got home late yesterday and opened one of them and was stunned to read in the corner "with complements, David Jenkinson".
Some of them seem to be copies of his own drawings that he has given someone but has made some aditional notes on them. some are copies of Derby works drawings.
It was such a plesure to be in the possesion of something from one of my modelling heros-even if it is only tempory!

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Interesting. The style was immediately recognisable as that which appears in 'Historic Carriage Drawings in 4mm Scale, vol 1 LMS and LNER' by David Jenkinson and Nick Campling. A quick look in the book confirms the match to diagram 1709, with the handwritten notes in blue/green ink now rendered word for word in draughtsman's print. Looks like you have been loaned some of the material used in the preparation of this (most useful) book.

Dr Jenkinson is one of my heroes too. It was he who made me realise there was 'more to it than the trains'; and fired my interest in the historical study of railways.
Thanks for looking it up. I got back late last night and as i had to get up very early this morning i really didnt have time to look into them properly.

i have been having problems drawing coach ends (peole never seem to put dimentions on end elevations! i need to know the radiuses roofs and the tumbleholme and the angles of the sides etc...)

The end elevations are on a separate page in the format in which the book was published, and have estimates of some of the dimensions you require. Do you have access to a copy?
Thankyou. I will take a look at the MRC library on thursday. i vaguely remember seeing them but i thought they were just outline drawings with mabye a height and a width over cornice and overall.

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