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I must agree with Peter on this question.
I would describe my layout as "almost anything goes", certanily for a short running session at least.

More importantly I would describe my layout as a "based on" effort. Indeed, it is described on another forum as "The Western Valley Railway - how it might have been".
Why? I like Hornby's Diesel Railcar, but can find no record of one arriving any closer than Chepstow (15 or so miles from the valley junction). I like the Bachmann 43xx, but can't find a record of one allocated to Newport Depot, or a photo of one on the WV line.

I could go on, including listing various locos that ran on the line, but never at the same time, but suffice it to say that my "based on how it might have been if" layout gives much pleasure and I feel no need at all to call it a "preervation line", even though the prototype has been closed for some years.

No accuracy in the strictest sense perhaps, but full of atmosphere (I hope), displaying good modelling skills (I'm told) and providing occasional enjoyment for four generations of the family.

So the rivet counters can s*d off, I can find a loose prototype for everything and I'm happy!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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