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Modelling Spanish Railways

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Does anyone know of any web links, articles or references to modelling of Spanish railways, modern or historic? It doesnt seem to get a huge following and I'd love to see if anyone has tackled the subject of gauge...
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There's a link to the Electrotren site on the forum's links page.

I did a Google search on "RENFE modelismo ferroviario" (I stole the words from the Electrotren site) and turned up this Spanish model railway site?. It's in Spanish so you're own - hasta la vista baby?

is that caption "Free Tequila" , my Spanish is non existant.
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You may want to start learning Spanish for this one. It's "Trenes in miniatura" your after. If you put that into a search engine there are loads of results. You can use googles translater to translate into english if you don't.
Thats the next course on my list. I'm currently doing a water colour course to improve my back scene painting,
I then plan on tackling basic Spanish and see how we get on.
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Fortunately Ive got a fair bit of Spanish under my belt having lived there for several years - unfortunately its only now that I've returned to blighty that the potential for modelling has struck me: a state-owned system still thriving with the kind of activity and variety not seen here for decades, impressive and exotic landscapes, and that fantastic broad gauge with thundering great stock on it, everything from a TGV to a tram engine. And I wonder if anyone has ever had a go at one of the Talgo expresses that cross into France via converter tracks, changing gauge as they go...

I think it'll be years before my modelling skills catch up, but you can dream...
Thers some very good outline available for Spanish rail. Trix did a AVE livery model of the ICE 3 and Electrotren ( which is Hornby now) have some interesting ones too.
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