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Modelzone Bachmann Weathered 9F Loco??

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Model Rail magazine has just arrived. Reading the news section and what caught my eye was the exclusive pictures of the Bachmann/Modelzone 9F Loco in an exclusive limited edition weathered livery.

I have to say that my first reaction is that it makes the Class 9F look like a WW2 Panzer tank. The paintwork looks more military than model rail.

Am I right or wrong with this?

And did the class 9F really weather like this?

To be fair to Modelzone they have asked Bachmann to revise the weathering on the boiler and production models will look different.

Under the circumstances I am puzzled that Modelzone have sought the publicity that they have at this time although it is said that any publicity is good publicity. Surely it would have been better to have waited until production models were available to photograph. Somebody will have mud (weathered?) on their face!

Happy modelling

PS N gauge modellers are to get a RTR Blue Pullman! O gauge modellers are also getting a kit built Blue Pullman. When do OO gauge modellers get their turn?

No doubt Hornby and Bachmann will be watching how sales of the N gauge version go. Would all N gauge modellers who visit this forum please buy an example!
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The N gauge Blue Pullman is being developed and manufactured by Heritage N.

If N gauge modellers wish to discuss this in the N gauge forum then fair enough. We OO enthusiasts already have a Blue PUllman topic in the OO/HO section

Back to the Class 9F!

Happy modelling
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Not too sure on the weathering myself, looks a bit of a hash and at £124.99 it's a bit steep, but then again this is Modelzone
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Never heard of them until they jumped in bed with TMC that other paragon of top whack pricing for mediocre tat.
>paragon of top whack pricing for mediocre tat.
You can't possibly mean RRP for Hornby, Bachmann and Scalextric surely?
Still they have to pay the rent for their shop in Basingstoke and I bet that ain't cheap.

I saw a case full of TMC "modified" locos at Alexandra Palace by the ModelZone stand. I thought they looked rather good. Whilst a £25 premium over the RRP (and I know you can do better on line) is a lot, the alternative of sourcing new name places myself and doing the renumbering is daunting. I have tried in the past and I wasn't all that good at it, so I /might/ consider it in the future if I want a second or third instance of a Gresley pacific.

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TMC in the Trafford Centre in Manchester used to have bargains whenever I visited and they are the major source of Code 3 models.

It has to be said that they are less of a bargain zone than they once were however they are the only representatives of our Hobby in the shopping malls and so the outlets are high profile among shoppers.

For anybody looking for something a little different then TMC and Modelzone are the first port of call.

Would you be prepared to take a chance on weathering your £100 Bachmann 9F? You could end up turning it into a £50 model!

Or would you rather go for one that has had professional weathering for just a few bob more?

And with a loco number that Bachmann will not be producing in the future?

Happy modelling
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What I hate about Bachmann weathering is that they do not move the wheels when they are spraying it.

So you end up with a nice glossy line on the wheels where the coupling rods masked it.
If you look at one of the model rail photos you can see it.

To me its a waste of time using this method.

Garry D100
What model is that on?
as none of my factory weathered models are like that
You could buy a run of the mill 9f and get it renumbered and weathered to your own specifications for probably the same price. Do bear in mind this is factory weathered an extra that usually adds just a few quid to the cost and not £25 over rrp.
I think that Modelzone have seen an opportunity and have decided that they can sell 500 units at £124.99. There should be demand enough from both collectors and modellers, and Modelzone L/Es are very nice- they are doing, amongst other things, an SET 466, a blue 108 and (I believe) a set of departmental coaches in the near future. They do some interesting models, and, for the modeller of the Southern Region like me (particularly 1986-present) they are an invaluable source of liveries and variations- how long would it have taken Bachmann to produce a Southern turbostar?

The problem with modelzone limited editios is that so far they are all bachmann which as with most of their stuff means a waiting time of at least 12 months, even on items already in production.
As someone who has been to the TMC showroom and met the guys I can tell you that their renumbering and pristine finish is second to none. I'm still to be convinced about the weathered ones though.

The modelzone I used to visit in Holborn used to be a Beatties, which again wasn't the cheapest, and I wouldn't buy my stuff from there, but they will renumber models you already have.
>but they will renumber models you already have.
I'm tempted by the idea of renumbering one of the new Hornby Britannias to one which was based in west Yorkshire - one of the Firths I think.

QUOTE (Ben Manicom @ 6 May 2006, 23:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What model is that on?
as none of my factory weathered models are like that

The latest weathered 04's suffer from masking marks on the wheels and I have the bachmann specials of weathered K3 and Class 37 and they all suffer clean and weathered wheels.
I'm not overly convinced by any RTR weathering. It sometimes looks good in photos but then in real life has a few gaps. I had a weathered WD 90015, but it still had spots where it hadn't been done.
modelzone is a great place for looking but not for buying. they actually have quite a good range in their holborn store. bachmann china lilliput trix....

weathered 9f's. i dont like the weathering in the mag either. 9f's did not weather like that. (at least not in any pictures i have seen) the best studies of weathering of BR standard loco's i think are the paintings buy david shepard.
these low res shots dont really do the paintings justice but i have seen some of them in person and they are truly stunning. you can really apreciate the ammount of work that goes into doing a painting like that and when you see it you can almost smell the oil. they were painted in a rush during the last days of steam. his atention to the weathering is staggering. certainatly something i aspire to.

i dont think TMC could get anywhere close to weathering like that. they will probably just squirt it with an airbrush.

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It look very good from here ... but there is no way am i paying £124.99 to buy one.
QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 10 May 2006, 09:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i dont think TMC could get anywhere close to weathering like that. they will probably just squirt it with an airbrush.

The 9f is to be factory weathered by bachmann rather than afterwards. They are suppposed to be changing it before final release. So thats another 6 month wait for those of you happy with the price I suppose.
Its the white lime scale that really doesn't look right it looks spattered, my 6 year old could make a better job of that
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