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Modern Era Plans

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I've got every issue and read them constantly for inspiration.

Could you do a feature on a variety of modern image layouts? Your layout plans are great, but nearly all of them are based on the steam era. Could you do a feature to either show how modern era layouts are different from steam or give a variety of diesel era layouts.
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This is a problem with nearly all model railway magazines regardless of their country of origin
- I am so with you though, I also model modern and do miss modern inspirational layouts to look at!
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your comments. As you'll see in the October issue, which is now on sale, we've featured a post 2000 layout and I intend featuring diesel subjects on a regular basis in the magazine as we have had so many requests to do so.

Similarly, I will talk to Anthony New about putting together a couple of track planning articles for the diesel and electric era, and particularly post 1990 when rationialsation really took hold.

Thanks for your feedback. I take note of everyone's requests and I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the magazine.

Best regards,

Mike Wild, Ed.
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