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The starting point for modular standards is the book:
"The Big Book of model Railroad Track Plans" Robert Schleicher. This is available from Amazon for 18 quid.

This has 30 odd pages on modular designs and discusses the standard. Essentially /O modellers have adopted Ntrack modules as their own. Some sites refer to this as Free-Mo, while others call it HotTrack. The basic module is 4ft long x 2ft wide and 40" from the ground. Corner modules normally owned by clubs allow sections to joined and snaked in an almost endless variety of shapes. Some variation on the basic module is allowed and this can grow in multiples of 2ft at a time. Three basic tracks appear on the module, and from these branches and sidings can be developed. The scenic theme of a module is left to the induvual, so for example, a desert scene could but up to industrial landscape, anything goes. In many clubs people own more than one module, in this instance development of the two modules can be undertaken as if they are one. IE long sidings etc. Rather than just plough on discussing the concept, here are some sites that offer specific details on the modular concept. Amongst these is the Pretoria model Railroad club which has a very large modular layout which I've seen first hand. This is DCC operated. The layout completely fills the hall of a local technical College. The layout resembles Hampton Court Maze, rather than the circular photo's on the web site.
Pretoria Model Railway Club
this contains details of module sizes. Using the link, club modules, you can examine the drawings and photo's this is the best site of 100's I have visited. Congratulations to the Pretoria club.
Modular 20's/30's
Certainly using the modualar concept you can develop a layout that can move with you. The layout can be refreshed by changing the configuration, and is not limited in it's coverage of scenery. For clubs it allows members to easily particpate in construction, and will act in binding the members together unlike other projects as they are all linked to the common theme. In an exibition concept it's even better the almost endless variation in sceenic's found on moduals make them highly compulsive viewing.
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