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QUOTE (Doug @ 16 Jul 2008, 20:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bachmann Scenecraft enters the motor trade in N gauge

Bachmann Europe PLC announced this past week-end at its Annual Trade Open Days that the Scenecraft range is being extended to include motor vehicles in N gauge.

Those announced were:

Cat No. Description

379-900 Prefect
379-901 Anglia
379-902 Oxford
379-903 Cortina
379-904 Minor
379-905 Traveller
379-906 5cwt van
379-907 Mini
379-908 Capri
379-909 Taxi

The vehicles are delivered fully finished and have a recommended retail price of £4.85 for a pack of two cars.


Some impressive stuff - that shed looks very good indeed!

....Doug - As an expat for many many years who missed much of the evolution of UK road vehicles I am not alone in this request - could you perhaps suggest to bachmann that they should add "year of first production" or "produced 19xx to 19yy" to the description of their cars and trucks - its not easy getting the right vehicle for the right layout period without lots of research otherwise....

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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