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The Maunsell coaches are a bit tricky with all those detailing parts. I have fitted DCC Concepts Flicker free to my Maunsell coaches are they look excellent. A word of warning I have destroyed 4 Maunsell coaches completely by leaving them in the car on a hot day. Just got to find the time to pull out the flicker free.

Getting in to the coaches

1 Remove the NEM couplings, if you dont they keep getting caught in the buffers and its a real pain.

2 At the end of each coach on both sides you will see tabs push the de-ten in while pushing down on the buffer. That should release the first one. Do the opposite side next and then use a business card to stop it poping back in . Do the other 2 down the end and carefully. Remove body.

Last thing and I think it was the Maunsells coaches where the compartment walls go all the way to the top of the roof, you will need to file a rectangular slot for the flicker free board.

Best of luck.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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