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This is a direct quote from one of the magazines.

"Bachmann unveiled a working prototype of its so-far mysterious Dynamis DCC system at the London Toyfair, revealing a high level of features at a surprisingly low price.

The system has been developed in conjunction with German DCC specialist ESU Loksound and features a compact wireless handset reminiscent of the Playstation Portable (PSP) games console. Dynamis shares many features with the acclaimed ESU ECoS command station (see MR99), but is considerably smaller.

The system promises full NMRA compliance and easy to use controls including a joystick for speed control, locomotive selection and a backlit LCD display packed with information and icons. Alpha-numeric keys will allow users to identify locomotive decoders by name or number.

The basic system will retail at around £90 according to Bachmann and will allow control of up to 9,999 decoder addresses, up to 20 accessory decoders, CV programming 'on the main' and a database of 'favourite' locomotives.

Above this will be the Dynamis 'Pro' system, which will also allow; up to four wireless handsets operating from the same base station, ECoSLink high speed network control of up to 128 additional devices such as boosters and handsets and a computer interface.

Wireless handsets, 'Pro' system upgrade boxes and wireless receivers will be available separately."

Hope this gives a little more info!

1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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