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Sorry to sound totally negative Garth but you really are being far too ambitious in a 7' x 4' area with 00.

Assuming you run a track to within a couple of inches of the baseboard edge this would provide a maximum radius of 22 inches at the ends, with any inner tracks being much less.

A turntable would take a space of at least 14 inches and, if you could get on to it, you'd have difficulty getting any feeder or storage tracks off it. Having a raised area would add further space complications in your already tight area.

I think you have to do one of two things:-
Firstly, lessen your ambitions considerably or, find some way of providing an off board running line (say an 8 inch plank running round the garage) and have your main station complex on the fold down board.

Sorry, just saying it as I see it before you start spending some of your hard earned on something that seems doomed to failure, unless you just want a double oval train set.

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