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More Zephyr technical info

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Hi all,

I bought a Zephyr recently. Because I imported it from the US to the UK, I bought it without the US-spec power supply. So I needed to find out how to connect my own power supply. For the benefit of anyone else who does this, here's what I learnt:

Power input socket:
  • the input requires 15V (rms) AC 50/60Hz (must not exceed 16V rms)
  • alternatively, 18V DC may be used (must not exceed 22V DC)
  • the supply requires up to 2.5A to meet the full capability of the Zephyr.
  • the connector is 5.5mm dia. (outer), 2.0mm dia. (inner)
  • for a DC supply, the centre pin is positive, the outer conductor is negative.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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