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Doug - that's a very well made looking power supply & you seem to have taken good care of protection indeed.

As an electrical engineer (who does a fair amount of Portable Appliance Testing) I just wish more people would take the sort of care that you have. Sometimes, when I am at exhibitions I have to have "selective vision" & just remind myself on why I am there. Many of the mains electrics I see would fail on the basic visual.

As an aside I have been asked by a number of clubs/societies to test their mains equipment, but I am not too keen because of the possible reactions of some people. As an example, last week I tested 2 model railways being used in a cinema projection room & failed both of them for exposed mains transformers & terminals under the baseboards & the owner/builder was a friend of mine !

In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before venue owners/operators insist of P A Testing. Many venues already insist on everyone using a "circuit breaker".
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