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Hello, my name is Chris and I'm an alcoholic . . . damn, sorry wrong group!

No really, ignore the above (though the occasional trip to the pub does go down well), I should have said that I've been playing on and off with model railways since 1978, though like many people, I get bored from time to time and venture off into other bobbies like messing about with old cars etc (then get fed up because it all costs too much). Railways, whether model making or photographing the real thing, always bouncing back! So with almost 30 years down the line (excuse pun there), I guess this hobby is in the blood!

My model making 'skills' I seriously believe to be minimal, though if I can use a bodge to create the illusion of something better I will. I approach the subject in a very impressionistic (is that a word?) way, firmly believing that a balanced overall composition with correct colouring does far more to create the effect of reality than correct bolts and spokes. I feel that many 'fine scale' modellers are far too obsessed with fine detail and neglect the over all feel of a layout, this then results in something, whilst supposedly 'correct' doesn't look real at all. Each to their own of course, if we all liked the same we'd all be producing the same sort of thing - which would be very dull indeed!

What inspires me?

1/ Copenhagen Fields - well, never seen it for real, but the pictures of it look stunning.
2/ That big German riverside layout at Warley '06 - about 400 ft long....
3/ Much of the content of Voie Libre (French narrow gauge modelling mag) - Francois Fontana, the editor, just has the knack of spotting really inspiring work.
4/ More or less anything S&DJR - with Enginewood & Bleakhouse Road topping the list.
5/ Rye - an EM gauge 'what if' fictitious extension of the K&ESR. Last saw it 5 years ago.
6/ Everything at Pendon.
7/ Most of the output of Hull MRS! The guys show extraordinary vision for a club and always looking 'outside box'.
8/ Barry Norman's layout in a recent BRM.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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