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Well chances are it is for someone somewhere...

Just a quick hello, newly registered to the forum, previously "I liked to watch"!!

Been modelling on and off for 15 years. Modelling at the moment
12 X 2 Underground/SR EMU layout in 00,
4ft X 10 inches sidings layout 00 with some locos with DCC Sound & smoke units (spent all the money on chips so can't afford any more baseboard).
4 X 2 Lisbon tram layout in H0m with "Fallerised" working buses.
Also got some buildings and stock for a Taiwanese railway/metro layout that I'm toying with building on a foam baseboard structure as it will be two-levels.

Other than that, sitting on the shelf waiting for some odd bits of wood are a few 0n30 trams, and some Card kit based croydon trams.

It all fits in one room though!!

Just a question for anyone - I need to letter up one of my Lisbon trams which is modelled in an all advertising logo. Base colour is red and the lettering is white, so this can't be done by printing onto waterslide paper before anyone suggests. Anyone know whether DEcadry, Letraset or Meccanorma dry transfer is still available??? Unfortunately Fox Transfers couldn't help either. Letters need to be in lower case about 20-24mm high.

Thanks for now!!

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QUOTE (ianm @ 9 Sep 2007, 10:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well chances are it is for someone somewhere...

Hi Ian

Welcome to the forum and yes it was morning when I first read your post.

You certinly seem to have plenty of pies for finger poking there (see dbclass50 there are people worse than me)

The one room is of course the Albert Hall

I can't actually assist at present but I feel sure that someone out there will be able to.

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