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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 2 Mar 2007, 18:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am going to be running a Motorail servive on my layout but am having trouble finding any details of the flat wagons (carflats?) used to carry the cars. I know they were often built on redundant coach underframes, but that is all. I particularily need details of the loading ramps and decking arrangements.

The only motorail service I ever saw in the 1980s was the Euston - Stirling :
1M69 Stirling - Euston
1S01 Euston - Stirling
This comprised about 6 or 7 First Class Mark 1 coaches branded in raspberry ripple "InterCity Motorail" and a further 10 to 12 YXV or FVX carflats
You will note that the train was designated as vacuumed braked, and so was only ever hauled by Class 81, 85, or 86

The loading points at each terminal are nothing more than two metal plates hinged together
Each wagon then has a further single hinged plate, which is lowered during use and raised during transport

The carflats were then withdrawn and the dual braked NXX GUVs were then used
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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