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Mr Muscle does the job.

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I have a Lima box van, but sometime during its life it had been very crudely hand painted.
I found it in a load of junk going to the local tip. It was minus its bogies and obviously seen better days.
Anyway I put it in my work bag and took it home.
Anyway I had heard of a way to remove the paint so I tried it, I got a deep"ish" pan out of my shed, it was only a small one, but big enough to take the vehicle, and then I sprayed into the pan all over the van some oven cleaner, I left it for about six hours and when I checked it I was truly amazed, it had removed all the rough hand paint but not the factory paint or livery, that was perfect, it is a cream coloured van with cocacola and a bottle on it.
But with me being new to the hobby you all probably know about doing this anyway, but I was so pleased it worked.
Sorry to be a bore.
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News to me! very handy tip and I'll remember it in future!


I have a few items that I could use that method on. I'll give it a go.
I have an old Triang Southern Utility Van that I bought at a swap meet for repainting/detailing. Unfortunately, the previous owner has painted it with a rather thick enamel that has defied all my attempts to remove it - a month soaking in brake fluid did absolutely nothing! The upshot: I must give your tip a good try. Thanks for that.
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QUOTE (SRman @ 23 Apr 2008, 08:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>a month soaking in brake fluid did absolutely nothing! The upshot: I must give your tip a good try.

That sounds like modern synthetic stuff - the older "real Mccoy" shifts most things.

Mind you I will have to rememner the Mr Muscle tip.

Discovered it some time ago when I couldn't find any of that Ronstrip powder that I used to mix into the consistancy of custard. Apparently it's widely used by the Model Motor Racing fraternity for use on their one-piece body-shells. I tried it sprayed onto a scrap wagon body in a sealed box and left it overnight. Took off all the 20+ year old factory paint but never touched the plastic, and it's easily available.
I'm trying this on an old loco this afternoon, I'll post some pics of the result when its done!

Well I gave it quite a thorough testing!

I had an old loco I had used for testing paint mixes and it was a bit of a mess.

First of all I used some oh a more expensive brand of oven cleaner, which used a sort to clean, rather than the foam of Mr Muscle. I left the loco in that for 6 hours and it did a pretty good job, all the thin single coat stuff came off under a tap.

However the thicker stuff still hadn't budged. So I went and bought some Mr Muscle today, put the loco in my little tin, filled it with the stuff and left it for another 6 hours. washed it off and et voila! all the hand painted and airbrushed stuff was gone! one entirely clean, originally painted loco!

I took pics and as soon as I find the lead I will put them up!

Thanks once more for the tip.

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QUOTE (Avionyx @ 30 Apr 2008, 22:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I took pics and as soon as I find the lead I will put them up!

It will be interesting to see the results

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