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I have a Lima box van, but sometime during its life it had been very crudely hand painted.
I found it in a load of junk going to the local tip. It was minus its bogies and obviously seen better days.
Anyway I put it in my work bag and took it home.
Anyway I had heard of a way to remove the paint so I tried it, I got a deep"ish" pan out of my shed, it was only a small one, but big enough to take the vehicle, and then I sprayed into the pan all over the van some oven cleaner, I left it for about six hours and when I checked it I was truly amazed, it had removed all the rough hand paint but not the factory paint or livery, that was perfect, it is a cream coloured van with cocacola and a bottle on it.
But with me being new to the hobby you all probably know about doing this anyway, but I was so pleased it worked.
Sorry to be a bore.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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