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MRC's Diesels "3" Sounder™ Decoder Adds Powerful Alco, "F Unit" & SD60 Diesel Sounds To Any* DCC Non-Sound Diesel Decoder & The New Steam Sounder™ Adds Eight Articulated & Eight Non-Articulated Steam Locomotive Sounds to Any* Non-Sound Steam Locomotive Decoder

Model Rectifier Corporation of Edison, NJ is truly excited to announce the expansion of it's world beating, highly successful Sounder™ DCC decoder product line for model railroading.

The exclusive Sounder is a sound-only decoder and speaker that's easily added to any *HO locomotive equipped with a standard, non-sound decoder or even any piece of rolling stock being pulled by the locomotive equipped with wheel pickups… (Imagine how easier it would be to add sound to any train without the hassle of cramming a sound decoder and speaker in your locomotive).

MRC's Sounders add all 28 NMRA accessory sound function capabilities to locomotives regardless of the make, or brand of decoder installed. The railroader simply "hooks-up" two wires to the track power pickup points in the loco, and suddenly he can enjoy MRC's rich, Brilliance™ sound and the world's most extensive feature set.

Our new Diesel locomotive addition to the Sounder line, The Diesels "3" Sounder provides three new and genuine Alco, "F Unit" and SD60 prime mover sounds like selectable (33) horns, 8-bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds and more. And not just sound! Using simple soldering techniques, the Sounder can provide a full complement of locomotive lighting effects: Prime Stratolight; Mars; Ditch; Gyro; Strobe (single & double); and on/off function for internal lighting….Wow!!

Our new Steam Sounder with features similar to the Diesel unit, magnificently reproduces eight, genuine articulated and eight, non-articulated steam locomotive prime mover sounds and you can select 33 whistles as well!

Both of these incredibly powerful yet extremely small (17mm) decoders come with fidelity matched 28mm speakers and baffle to enhance the full & powerfully vibrant range, performance and functionality only available from MRC.

• Use with any HO non-sound decoder from MRC or any other brand
• Full 28 NMRA function capability
• Select desired sounds and functions in "seconds"
• No time consuming downloading or expensive purchases… All the features are in the decoder
• Use with any NMRA compatible DCC system to add sound "on the rails" or "below the rails"
• Simple 2-wire hookup
• Superb Brilliance™ sound quality with multiple sounds and volume selectability
• Capable of providing six dynamic lighting effects
• 18V maximum input

0001666 HO Diesels "3" Sounder™ (Alco, "F", SD60) - MSRP $37.98
0001665 HO Steam Sounder™ (8-Artic/8-Non-Artic) - MSRP $37.98
(Diesel available early Dec, Steam in late Dec 2007)

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Well, they arrived in the post this morning. I ordered last Wednesday, and received an email to say that they were out of stock. Last Friday I received another email to say that they were shipping on Saturday. 5 days from the states for £3. first class international.

I have fitted one in a Vi-Train class 37. There are two wires, which you have to solder to the pick-up wires. Very easy on the 37. You just solder them to the green and black wires on the circuit board. The speaker is on the large size (but you can change it for a smaller one if required ). The speaker was slotted into the gap at the rear, at the back of the cabin wall. It is best to stick it with a couple of bits of sticky pad so that it does not fall down onto the wheel unit.

The decoder is set at address 3. All you have to do is to put the engine onto the program track and re-program (I am using american spelling !!!) to the address to which the engine had been set to previously. That is it.

It was very noisy when first started up, but there are four levels of sound that can be selected just by pushing function buttons. The sound is initially at its highest. Press F23 and the sound drops to minimum. Press F23 again and the sound goes up a notch. There are four levels. The same goes for the level of the horn sound on F22.
F19 allows you to change the horn in a similar manner. Each press of F22 changes the type of horn noise. There are 28 function that can be selected, with all sorts of wonderful noises of air, brakes, compressors etc. If you want a bit of quite when it is in the station or the yard, you simply press F8 three times, and the engine noise goes off. Press F8 again, and it starts up.

I have a MRC Prodigy Advance 2 controller which I bought from the states, and it handles all 28 functions. You can use it with lower functions, but all the volume and type selections are above F18.

One negative from my point of view is that the throttle sound does not operate with ABC (BM1's). Under ABC control, a loco enters the platform at the maximum speed set, and then slows to a stop at the signals if they are at red. The controller always remains at the set top speed, as you are controlling the passage of the loco's by operating signals. The loco with the sound decoder still does this, but the engine noise remains at the top speed. If you want proper sound, you have to bring it into the station under manual control as it is the speed control that is working the sound decoder.

As I am not a diesel noise expert, I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the noises, and of course, it is an american sound decoder. But if you want noise for £15 it is there.

If you are interested, I bought mine from Their website is easy to use, and you can select the type of postage you require, and the full price is shown.
They did not take the money from my credit card until they despatched them. They also kept me informed by email of any problems and when the items were despatched.
They were also cheaper than RRP.
The MRC product code is MRC-0001662. Total cost shown on my credit card was £33.03 inclusive of postage for two. No custom duties were charged.

Hope this helps,


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QUOTE (adriancr @ 24 Jun 2008, 20:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi is there anyone who has or can post a video of a MRC Steam Sounder Equiped loco on youtube?

*** I Can't help with the Video, but I can tell you that in the past three weeks I've had eight otherwise excellent Athaern loco's brought in to have their factory fitted MRC steam decoders removed/dumped and more reliable/accurate/realistic/tuneable decoders fitted to replace them....

To be nice about them, they really aren't very good at all, sorry.


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I have to agree with Richard about the quality of these decoders.

As stated in above postings, I purchased two Diesel ones in November.

The only one fitted has slowly deteriorated until most of its functions do not work, and the noise is horrendous.

It will be coming out very shortly.

Alan B
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