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Yeah looks like $1100 about £600 therefore it is not cheap. I would be a bit cautious about 'Makes all other systems obsolete' For the price it is well spec'd however there is a lot of gimickry that you do not need and lets face it the Elite or the Dynamis will do the job just as well for a whole lot cheaper. Sorry but I am not convinced everyone is going to run out and buy this at that price, and what about the situation that could come about when several of these are being used at an exhibiton and there is a lot of interference etc. Wirless control is great but it is not the be all. As for making evrything else obsolete, I thought DCC was going to do that to DC but you will still find plenty of DC users. This piece of kit is to be applauded but it is not going to change the world
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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