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Must be just a matter of time as MRC have stopped supplying the Prodigy Advance.
As far as I can see, the squared is just an updated version with 28 functions.
A radio wireless option is available for the N. American market too.

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the Prodigy Advance²

Prodigy Advance Squared

ultimate DCC experience

If you're a
multi-user, multi-cab club with a complex layout and you're ready to take
advantage of everything the ultimate DCC experience can offer, Prodigy
Advance Squared is the system for you. It is also the first DCC system so
brilliantly designed that it eliminates the complexities of operation
without sacrificing sophisticated technology and comprehensive features.

Advance Squared features

  • Two or four
    digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available)

  • Advanced and
    Universal consisting

  • 14-28/128
    speed steps for precise speed control

  • Only Prodigy
    Advance can simultaneously run up to 99 throttles using plug 'n play

  • 28 accessory
    functions to handle multi- function sound systems like Athearn® Genesis
    and MRC Sound Decoders

  • Fast clock
    with adjustable ratios for running your railroad on an accurate timetable

  • Program all
    CVs with ease

  • Program on
    the main or on the program track without affecting active locos

  • Recall and
    stack features

  • Program and
    set routes for multi-output N.M.R.A. compatible Accessory Decoders

  • Comes
    complete with all the present N.M.R.A. upgrades and is easily upgradeable
    to any future NRMA protocols

  • Wireless
    ready... just "Plug and Play"

  • Comes
    complete with power supply, base unit and one handheld, [nothing else to
    buy to get started]

No complex, hard to understand instruction manual. You'll be running trains like
a "pro" in minutes

The New Prodigy Advance Squared - What is new since the Prodigy Advance?
What set's the Prodigy Advance Squared apart from the Prodigy Advance and
Prodigy Express is the fact that the new Squared comes complete with the
N.M.R.A.'s new protocols that use up to function 28, [F28], with no other
upgrades needed. The Squared also comes "Wire-less Ready"... What this means is
that as soon as the Wire-less add on is released, this unit is ready to accept
it... Just "Plug and Play"!!!

Athearn is a trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.

I must say that I find this device a very complete and feature rich. It is an upgrade to a good product that delivers even more requested capabilities to the user. The sound guys will be very pleased with this. I think that there is going to be plenty of wireless DCC in the future. MRC is looking ahead and not just sitting back and watching the world go by.

I wonder what Gaugemaster will do with all the Prodigy Advance units that is has here? According to MRC, the old Advances can be upgraded to the newer F28 function and wireless add-on.
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