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A member of the Hornby Forum has stated that he has fully tested a MRC Sound Decoder 1634 with the Hornby Elite and has declared this decoder as being "great fun".

And better still it offers sound for only $49 inc shipping. (£25!).

The decoder has an extended function range F13-F19 which is not accessible directly using an Elite which will operate functions F0 - F12. The question has been asked if there is anyway of accessing these functions other than by using the function buttons?

This decoder "sounds" like something of a bargain and I will probably get one myself to try out.

Happy modelling

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If you want to get into sound adapted for British layouts there are currently several paths you could consider:

Digitrax also offer:

See FX programing at the bottom of the page

Lok sound programmer

The QSI and Digitrax are fairly new, as such support could be better. The majority of sounds are American unless you buy a specialist product SWD or Howes and you need deep pockets for these. MRC seem to getting their act together so it might be worth a try. Digitrax are also producing s programmable line side sound decoder which could be very nice for those station slamming doors and whistles - oh and those awful mangled announcements.

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