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Dear MRF team, just a few words to say how delighted I am to be a member of such a fantastic team of experts.

Since joining a couple of days ago, I have asked a few questions and have had loads of brilliant answers and offers of help. I really appreciate this as I am returning to the hobby after a lapse of about 40+ years.
Each and every member who replied was friendly, courteous, pleasant, offered to send images of scenery or layouts to help me or just said hi and welcome, and they all went out of there way to offer help and/or guidance.
MRF have a fantastic website and a lot of ingenious and helpful members. I am glad that I joined and wish the team and members a lot of good luck for the future and I know with people like you, the forum can only go from strength to strength.
I know that as from membership date, if ever I have a problem I can come to you for a fast and dependable efficient service. Thanking you one and all.

Regards ........ from a very happy member in Northern Ireland.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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