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Tony Lowe of Bachmann gave me a demo and answered a whole set of questions that members of the forum put to him. Tony is part of the Dynamis development team and has been involved with the project from it's start. He was waiting for me when I arrived and he had his tin hat on. I wonder what Dennis Lovett had said to him about me

Here are a few shots of the prototype device.

Below, Tony Lowe is giving a hands-on demo of the Dynamis system.

Some features of Dynamis that you may or may not have heard about:

Dynamis will have a 2.5 amp track power supply. Dynamis Pro will also have 2.5 amps, but both systems will be able to use the 5 amp EZ-Command booster and also the 4/8 amp ECoS booster.

The system uses bidirectional IR (infrared) that is very strong and allows signals to bounce off other objects. The IR command is stored in the Dynamis device and then sent when the base station is ready to receive so that if there is a momentary break in signal, the stored command is sen t as soon as the connection is re-established.

Two 180° IR base station receivers can be connected to the base station giving 360° coverage of a large room.

Dynamis can be used with any ESU ECoS device as it shares the same architecture of ECoS. It's development is the direct result of a partnership between Bachmann and ESU.

Devices stack up each other and connect together using a plug in the base and top of each unit. The base Dynamis is shown above and the Pro system will have two stacked boxes.

The Dynamis base system will retail for about £90 and the Pro system will be "competitively priced".

Control is intuitive and easy. I had two sound equipped locos up and running simultaneously with full sound control WITHOUT any instruction or demo from Tony. I was keen to see if it was simple - and it was.

It felt easy to hold. I mentioned that I wasn't keen on the control knob, and perhaps they will modify it a bit. The device will come out in dark grey with silver buttons and labels and will have a 'smoked out' cover over the IR windows.

Specs given by Bachmann:
4 digit long addressing
16character loco name
Full CV programming
Point / accessory control
Control of up to 40 locos at any one time
Wireless handset with numeric keypad
- 12 function buttons
- control of up to 21 decoder funtions
- 4 menu buttons
- Direction switch
- Joystick speed control
- Large LCD display
- Emergency stop

Fully NMRA compliant. World wide distribution.

Here are a couple more photos that didn't make it earlier:

There is some comment on the Bachmann Dynamis here. As I'm reorganising some of these reports, I'm creating separate areas for each company.

A few other items on the Bachmann stand:

Not a lot of UK products. I did see the Class 66 and Class 20, both with sound running under Dynamis. Liliput had large displays, but even their new items are still shown as photos of the prototype. No Bachmann UK catalogue was available.

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Good Lord! Are Bachmann also producing a submarine load. Fleischmann's limited edition for 2007 features a loco and what they call a "dock" train - all you are ever going to need on the docks plus a mini sub! The Subs look identical as do the torpedoes..... Ho hum!

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