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Msl Changed To Fed Ex to Uk

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Heads up EVERYONE I discovered to my horror that MSL have changed couriers to Fed Ex. They are charging Duty , Vat, and fee of min 2% before delivery.
There is No Duty on Model Trains from Europe according to HMRC Documents codes. The bill I am being asked to be paid is £ 33. 50 on top of VAT of £177.00 plus Fee of £12:50 . Before Delivery. Now hear is the sting, I have dealt with this company before and they will charge but not provide the paperwork to get the refund from HMRC. Great Cash flow. Not Unlike Royal mail who do provide a sticky label with all the costs and details on.
I have informed MSL if they continue using FED EX I will not purchase anymore.
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Hi Babs,
I hope it gets resolved for you, fingers tightly crossed.
John E.
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Hi Babs, All,
Just to add to this story a little if I may. . . .
When I was testing my new loco at Dougies the other day (playing trains!), he was receiving texts first advising of a FedeX delivery to which he put a note on his front door saying please knock on the garage door, then another text saying we were not in!!!
Poor Doug then got awfully frustrated trying to organise a delivery for the Friday (yesterday) so I took over and did it for him.
The odd thing was, it came on Thursday! Fortunately they were in at the time.
This is the IC white BR103 from Lippe, I haven’t seen it outside the packaging yet but it does look good. Whether there will be a separate bill for tax, I don’t know, no demands so far.

From this, I deduce the FedeX website/app is poor and their delivery drivers impatient at least.
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