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Hi Babs, All,
Just to add to this story a little if I may. . . .
When I was testing my new loco at Dougies the other day (playing trains!), he was receiving texts first advising of a FedeX delivery to which he put a note on his front door saying please knock on the garage door, then another text saying we were not in!!!
Poor Doug then got awfully frustrated trying to organise a delivery for the Friday (yesterday) so I took over and did it for him.
The odd thing was, it came on Thursday! Fortunately they were in at the time.
This is the IC white BR103 from Lippe, I haven’t seen it outside the packaging yet but it does look good. Whether there will be a separate bill for tax, I don’t know, no demands so far.

From this, I deduce the FedeX website/app is poor and their delivery drivers impatient at least.
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