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Msl Changed To Fed Ex to Uk

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Heads up EVERYONE I discovered to my horror that MSL have changed couriers to Fed Ex. They are charging Duty , Vat, and fee of min 2% before delivery.
There is No Duty on Model Trains from Europe according to HMRC Documents codes. The bill I am being asked to be paid is £ 33. 50 on top of VAT of £177.00 plus Fee of £12:50 . Before Delivery. Now hear is the sting, I have dealt with this company before and they will charge but not provide the paperwork to get the refund from HMRC. Great Cash flow. Not Unlike Royal mail who do provide a sticky label with all the costs and details on.
I have informed MSL if they continue using FED EX I will not purchase anymore.
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Babs.

Our modelling world has indeed shrunk since ................ well you know what. I think back to last year with sadness.

Best regards ................ Greyvoices (alias John)
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It would appear that FedEx have been on a learning curve and may have improved. Many logistics companies have had a similar journey to make, some getting their act together sooner than later.

Now that many suppliers provide tracking information it is possible to understand the arbitrary procedures that can delay deliveries. I sent two identical parcels, on the same day, to someone in Brno (Czech) and one was delivered within 4 days whilst the other was held up in Prague for 3 weeks pending an assessment of duty payable. Another tracking experience involved FedEx where an Amazon purchase in the UK, to my surprise sourced by a location in Virginia USA; took 3 weeks for the parcel to reach Seattle and then 3 days from there to my house in Derbyshire. Once it was on the polar flight to Heathrow it speeded up. No extra payment was required.

My main annoyance is that gifts from relatives in Germany are now subject to a payment before they are delivered. VAT paid by the gift giver plus VAT paid by the gift receiver .... plus a handling charge. I believe that there maybe a process whereby some money can be claimed back if proven to be eligible but I don't know what is involved with that. I hesitate to calculate what these new rules are costing a railway modeller because I want to avoid knowing the answer and getting depressed.

Best regards ..................... Greyvoices (alias John)
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This of course is no substitute for the face to face hugging, kissing and splendid hospitality; but that's not the problem we are solving here. (When 'they' find a way of taxing this, we are in real trouble...)
This is already taxed. The net cost of sister-in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews has been considerable ......... not that I would ever complain. Sadly the older generation have gone except for one dear aunt in her late nineties in the US.

Thank you for the advice 34C. I am now going to buy myself the complete Tillig DR regierungszug set (I think by now up to about 10 coaches) for nigh on €1,000 and send the in-laws the bill with my thanks.

Best regards ............... Greyvoices (alias John)
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