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Muckton rebuilt as a rural terminus - video

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Hello all,

I converted my Muckton micro layout to a small rural terminus.
The loco is made from cardboard including the chassis.
As are the wagons including the axle boxes W irons and paper springs.

Plain track is Code 100 rail glued to card sleeeper.
The point and the Barry Slip are made on copper clad strips.

If anyone wants to have a go there are some PDF's available for free from my web site.

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Wow, the loco/its chassis and wagons are made from cardboard..? that is just amazing..

I take my hat off to you Jim and the loco runs beautifully, very, very well done.

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Hello Ron,

Thanks for the comment nice of you.
This is a chassis for a Y8 loco

I use artists mount board coated with Shellac
1/8" bushes and High Level Models Horn Blocks
The motor was £2.20 from China, double shaft, 5 pole, skewed armature.

Here's a pic of the loco on my Maltby layout

It cost me about £30

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