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Hi 72C

I use a MultiMAUS myself

ERR 13 is "no master controller found"

You may have a dodgy cable or connection The Master control uses all 6 connections in the RJ12 plug
The slave uses only 4

I use the MultiMAUS through its own system with a Laptop powersupply without any problems ( about 14.5 v measured at the rails)

I also use the MultiMAUS with a Lenz LZV100 (the command station type you get with set90 or set100)
Then you get the ability to read CVs

I agree with you about the LH90 and LH100 the MultiMAUS is much easier to use

Invest in a New Roco Curly cable (like telephone cable) , the flat straight cables are prone to wire breakage after a time ( I personally have had only one fail)

I'm waiting for the MultiMAUS Pro to be released although I will not be in any rush to buy

Hope this Helps

Regards Zmil
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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