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Multiple loops.

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Dear readers,
I had bought the HST GWR Train Set and I had already had older track packs which work fine with the modern DC. I don’t really want to spend 20 on a link wire, so my question is whether I can create one without wiring? Is it even possible to do so? I have tried using the metal pieces on the track to connect them from the 3rd radius loop to the 2nd radius loop, however it causes a short circuit every time.
Thank you,
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Welcome aboard.

All you need to know about wiring a layout here:

Retailers will be delighted to sell you proprietary connectors that clip to the rails, but you can save yourself a fortune in the long term with some wire, solder and a soldering iron, and a little practice in making reliable electrical joints. (That done you can save yourself yet more money by moving to a flexitrack system such as from Peco, but that's probably best left for another day.)
OK here we go, I assume your points are Hornby, so they are insulfrog, so you have a loop of track (a roundy) and then have two points. Normally the loop with the points closed is cut off but anyway if there is anything sitting there if you are DC it will not move anyway unless one point is switched to open. I fail to see your issue, if the points are electrofrog then the same, if you want to power the loop from the main line let us call it then the best way is to use Peco connectors that replace rail joiners, you will have two pairs of wires exposed but a connector block saves that, I do this because it makes the circuit better. Hornby do not make electrofrog points so you will not have different ones at each end of the loop. but this makes both loop and main powered all the time

Is your layout more complicated, on DC nothing moves unless the train loco/power car has power to the track?
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