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Mumbles Signalling adventure

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I thought I would poke my head in here and start a thread. I'm completely a novice when it comes to signalling practice, and being that it is such a large subject doubt I will progress much beyond that. However, I though that any help in the right direction I can get from you guys has got to be a good thing.

so here is where I'm at. I have my layout that some of you may have seen in the layouts section

and have started building my own signals which you may have seen in the workbench section

Today I have spent some time fiddling with track plans and bits of software to draw them.

I already had a xtrkcad plan which was representative and decided to redo it schematically..

these are linked as the mimages are largem in pixels, not kb

I then transposed it to RR &Co. Flipped it as well so it is from the viewed angle so to speak [inside the round the room layout]

so far I have wired up 12 of 16 sections for detection on a Digitrax BDL168 and have a signal decoder to use once i can sort out some issues with my PC.

I have 4 signals ready to wire and various others to build, I will attempt to make feathers and maybe even theatre boxes..not sure how but there you go. Gotta start somewhere.

Please chip in with advice or ideas, I am open to anything. If only I had the modelling ability of Widnes

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Hi, Mumbles, and welcome to this part of the forum. Can you remind me which period you are modelling, please?

John Webb
OK, just curious. I lived on the North Kent line near Woolwich until 1977 and occasionally went round to Margate. Did pay a visit once to Ramsgate in the mid-1960s but must admit I was seeking out the traces of the old harbour branch and paid little attention to the mainline station.

Sorry to Michael for deviating a bit - but I've just found out it was on a 6th-Form outing we went to Margate in 1963 - I went on to Ramsgate and actually have one picture of the Tunnel Railway! We must have gone by coach because the next picture is of the Triang factory.

I'll try and scan them in - they are B/W negs - and make a separate posting.

The two photos mentioned in my post #8 above can now be found at Two prototypes of interest to railway modellers.

Hope you like them, and apologies to Michael again for the deviation.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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