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Murphy Models announces forthcoming plans

The highly anticipated 2009 - 2011 plans from Murphy Models were announced this evening, details are as follows:

2009: Cravens coaches in original golden brown livery
IR Mk2d coaches - all liveries and variants, including standard, first class, composite, restaurant, generator van

2010: 071/111 class loco - plans are well underway, all colour schemes of CIE, IE, NIR (these are promised to be of a higher standard than the 141s)

2011: 121 class loco - all colour schemes.

Just to hear that Cravens coaches have arrive in Dublin last Thursday. The first batch will be running numbers 1508TL (Snack Car) 1521TL and 1523TL

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I just signed in to post this news myself!

It might be time to retire my MIR 111 kit built loco!

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