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Museum du Tacot de Cléron

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Some snaps of a little narrow gauge branch line railway museum at Cléron that I visited last week in the Doubs region of France. The line connected Besançon to Pontarlier. It was built in 1900 and closed "due to the automobile" in 1953. Quite a bit of memorabilia and plenty of documentation to go through if you have the time.

Some models in the museum. G scale LGB locos similar to the one used on the line. The G scale locos ran around the inside and kept the kids amused as they chased after them.

HO scale model of local scenes:

More G scale:

Some interesting little model scenes gathering dust:

Some memorabilia from the line:

Once done inside, we had a little ride on the diesel-powered Autorail that ran on 7 1/4 Inch Gauge track around the outside of the museum. The kids loved it as it ran at break-neck speeds.

The last remnant of the original line. A goods wagon. Note the small bogies underneath on the narrow piece of track.

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I rather liked the bowl of flowers.


Nice to see an original construction layout like that. Very nice. Thanks for showing the photos.
very nice doug. thanks for posting.

Was the layout a penny in the slot machine or was it static?

Sounds like somewhere to note for next year's holiday. After a couple of very pleasant "overnights" at Logies* in Alsace on the way to and from Switzerland, we are thinking of using Logies next year.


*Logies = Logie de France. An association of independent hoteliers offering rooms at very reasonable rates. Many of them have restaurants as well. On our outward journey we paid ~£61 for two including evening meal and breakfast. On our return journey we paid ~£77. The rooms were ensuite each time. The return price was higher mainly because we had the more expensive (~£17 each) set menu meal - lamb steak for my wife and beef steak for me.
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