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Must Watch TV!

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From the BBC website. James May is a Top Gear presenter (the long haired one)and is a model railway fanatic. A chance to reminisce:-

QUOTE James May's Top Toys

Wed 21 Dec, 20:00 - 21:00 60 mins

A celebration of the toys which have survived across the decades, presented by a man who still plays with them.

When James May was three, his father gave him a toy car for Christmas, and a life behind the wheel and under a bonnet became his destiny. 42 year old James takes us on a tour of his childhood mind as he rifles through his boy toy favourites which include Meccano, Lego, Scalectrix, Airfix and his all time number one toy - the train set. His love of engineering and building things has shaped the ingredients of his entire toy cupboard. There's not a microchip in sight. He still plays with his toys - still loves building things with his various sets. Each toy prompts a story - a history told via archive, anecdote and obsessive collector.

Happy modelling

PS Even the BBC cannot spell Scalextric!
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Thats how we all used to say it Scalectrix.

I'll be watching. A bunch of our mates from SlotForum ( who recently partook in a Scalextric Drag Race for the show. They spent a cold day in a damp hangar racing toy cars for the Beeb.
QUOTE Meccano, Lego, Scalectrix, Airfix

You wouldn't go wrong with that bunch. Lego was my favorite toy growing up. Got me thinking of being an Architect.
Interesting program. I liked it. A little negativity on Lego (current range) and Action Man, but positive footage on Scalextric and model railways.

I also agree that railway models should be run and played with and not just bought to hide away in a display case or cupboard somewhere.

Looks like James May needs a DCC setup.

Was Pete Waterman using a Zimo wireless DCC controller?
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Then current range of Lego is a little gimmicky. I would prefer more selection with regards to building blocks, but that's just me.
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Listen chaps - we ALL know that toys are far too good to be wasted on kids!
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A Wrenn collector with attitude!

I find they are all the same!

It must be the fact that they spend £1000 per model!

Why did James throw away the box? I would have had it.

I shook hands with Pete Waterman at the Warley show. He didn't even mention his layout. We had a chat about his new Blue Pullman.

Lots of nice shots of the Triang Hornby Blue Pullman that James has. It seemed very popular with his friends (hint to whoever else may have been watching!)

Points set the wrong way and whoops! Good thing it was a Coronation and not Doug's Flying Scotsman!

That GT40 was a SPORT edition. It had a wrap around the motor. James should have tried the standard version. It might have gone faster! Spotted one or two people I know in that clip.

Happy modelling
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QUOTE Why did James throw away the box? I would have had it.
He made it clear that he was making a point - a very good one in my opinion.
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