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Must Watch TV!

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From the BBC website. James May is a Top Gear presenter (the long haired one)and is a model railway fanatic. A chance to reminisce:-

QUOTE James May's Top Toys

Wed 21 Dec, 20:00 - 21:00 60 mins

A celebration of the toys which have survived across the decades, presented by a man who still plays with them.

When James May was three, his father gave him a toy car for Christmas, and a life behind the wheel and under a bonnet became his destiny. 42 year old James takes us on a tour of his childhood mind as he rifles through his boy toy favourites which include Meccano, Lego, Scalectrix, Airfix and his all time number one toy - the train set. His love of engineering and building things has shaped the ingredients of his entire toy cupboard. There's not a microchip in sight. He still plays with his toys - still loves building things with his various sets. Each toy prompts a story - a history told via archive, anecdote and obsessive collector.

Happy modelling

PS Even the BBC cannot spell Scalextric!
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QUOTE Why did James throw away the box? I would have had it.
He made it clear that he was making a point - a very good one in my opinion.
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