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My 1000th post

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I was thinking of a way of celebrating my 1000th post and it occoured to me that i never actually introduced myself or said hello.

So i should start by saying hello my name is Peter and I live in london.

My modelling interests include railways in parts of the world that people dont visit because they might get shot, interesting and unusual prototypes (from any part of the world) and anything on rails with a bit of grandeur.

I enjoy painting models and designing etched brass kits.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the modorators for making my time on this forum so enjoyable. it is by far the best model railway forum on the internet. full of people who can (mostly) discuss things calmly and sensibly. it is a credit to the internet that so many people from across the globe can be brought together by a common interest and long may it continue.


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Congratulations Peter 1000 not out, sounds like an Australian openers score!! I guess we all aim to support our own corners, often without thought of others.

Heres to the next thousand


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