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Last sunday i was at Derby model rail show (Another good show) thought i would treat my self and buy a hornby 8f (£45), what i heard about them was mainly good so i took the plunge, and what a little craker she is she pulls 16 8 plank wagons like there not there, and the motor brilliant in her runs beautfuley at a crawl and another pace on the strights.

Another good thing about her is the detail it is very crisp and, and the lettring is also very nicley applied. The one critism i do have is the box of which she comes in it hold the 8f tight, but i little to tight if you know what i mean and sometimes it a struggle to get the model out the box with out breaking somethig.

Anyway apart from that little niggle it is a graet model and well worth buying.

(Add your review of any type of locomotive, the more people join in the better)
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