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My Barn Layout

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Thought I would start a thread on my new layout. Although not that new, nothing much has happened for a while and what has was more appropriate within the signalling area of this forum. To catch up on my signalling and what turned out to be track alterations can be seen here.

Since returning from University I decided to hit straight into the layout. I changed all the track work as per the changes discussed in the signalling thread...

I then started to add fascia panels to the front of the layout baseboards to tidy it up and hide the large number of cables appearing below.

I also fitted my Lenz extension plate into the fascia.

I also got fed up with moving my Ikea clip on light around and decided to fit and wire in some spot lights to my very useful beams! This ensures I can see all hours of the day! With such a big room its very difficult to get a decent light to work under.

I then painted it in brown paint, just one coat for the moment as I will do a top coat when the layout scenery has been finished along the front edge.

A control panel was made to house all my electronic boxes. Top left is the Lenz unit, to the right is a hand built DC twin shuttle controller which I may use on a future extension separated from my DCC sections. The black switch box is a 12V outlet for accessory lighting also hand built. This will supply power for my signals, housing lights and street lights etc. The fused switch on the left is a mains supply switch for all the equipment above. This saves scrambling under to the socket. The white switch is for the over layout spotlights.

I then started to work on construction of the main bridge across the layout to break up the station from the DMU servicing yards. The bridge was constructed using Scalescenes Bridge Abutments, and the retaining wall was scratch built using Scalescene papers.
I then built up the bank with card strips, applied mod roc and then a final coat of interior plaster. This was then painted brown and flocks added in the usual way.

Updates will be few and far between as I have unfortunately got to go back to University on Sunday! Only 11 Weeks and then I am basically finished for the year so lots more to come then hopefully.
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This is starting to look really nice. Keep Up The good work


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