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my baseboards are done!

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finally had some time today to get my baseboards ready! ... the final result is a 4.2m long x 0.6m wide board for my 3 level n gauge german winter scene layout!.

the last board to be cut and braced, it'll be painted white tonight!.

the last board to complete the baseboards! :-

the underside of it! :-

the baseboard run looks like this! :-

from the other end:-

the underside of the middle boards (remember they are not very big boards - so not a lot of woodwork under them.

a new way of keeping the boards together - adjustable for heat/humidity and easily released - maybe a little unusual - but seems to work!

and the track plan for the 1st (ground) level! ... im planning th 2nd level tracks this week!. (thx munichdave for recommending the very easy to use AnyRail software for computer dummies like me!)
the red tracks are the hidden inclines to the next level where the mainline thru station is going to be!

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QUOTE hopefully the pics are the right size now 800x600 to keep within the forum guidelines - i dont know how to check this, maybe someone can advise?

I've downsized my display settings to 1024 x 768. The pix are almost up against the right hand side but they are not causing any overflow problems. I don't know what the size actually is, but whatever you did to get this size, I'd keep doing it.

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