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QUOTE ([email protected] @ 30 Jul 2006, 00:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sadly my dear Dad passed away recently. He built scale steam engines all of my life. I am almost 60. My siblings and I are trying to figure out where to offer his tools and machinery up for sale, hopefully to another model builder. He built the trains down to the last rivet. His biggest engine could pull as many as 120 kids! When I was little he used to go to Griffith Park in California. Does any one out there have any ideas to help us? I am in Seattle, Washington and the shop is in San Diego, California Sincerely, Barbra Boiser. I can be reached at [email protected]

Hi Barbra,

Sorry to hear about your great loss.

You could try going to one of the parks where they run these very large scale locomotives & ask there for advice. This way the tools & machinery should find homes with like minded people.

Otherwise you could try eBay - unless you are in a hurry spend some time on research ;
1) Register (if not registered already).
2) Look through the listings for similar items & "watch" them - watch 3 or 4 to get an idea of the "going" rate.

If you decide to use eBay for the fist time just be a little carefull - you do hear about horror stories but never the sucesses ! Personally, I use it for buying & selling & have very little problems.

Best of luck & please let us know how you get on.

best regards
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